Dominique Elissa – Beautiful on the inside and out.

Dominique was just a young girl that always referred to herself as a ‘tomboy’. She loves hanging out with friends, going to the movies and leading a very healthy, active lifestyle. At 20 years of age she has 43,100 Instagram followers that are in love with her picturesque lifestyle and drop dead gorgeous looks. However,…

Let your inner you shine

What is your first reaction looking at an image like this? Does it make you feel a sense of freedom? Does it make you feel at ease or does it make you feel nervous and scared? In todays digitally driven age, online influencers and various celebrities post un-naturalistic photos that distort reality and distort naturalism….

Mimi Elashiry

A Micro-celebrity that stays grounded to her true self and lets her inner beauty shine.

So, give me the stats?

In today’s digital world, everyone is constantly mobile. If you take a look around when you are next on the train or on the bus (if you catch public transport), almost 99% of people looking at their phones, and most probably you too. Instagram is an application that is also a great time waster. In…