The proliferation of social media focusing predominantly Instagram has fostered a scrutinizing and toxic culture for young females surrounding the ideals of beauty. The use of retouching apps by female micro-celebrities has therefore had a detrimental effect on young girls self-esteem and perception of body image.

Living in a technologically driven society, visual content dominates.

Female Micro Celebrities are utilising the notoriously known mobile photo sharing application Instagram to present a falsified illusion of what ‘real’ beauty is through the effective use of in-app edits to young teenage girls through the effective use of retouching within the app.

The objective of this campaign is to combat this toxic situation through the effective use of the typographic convention the #hashtag.

The typographic convention #thisisme will generate discussion and encourage debate surrounding the ideals of beauty and whether it is being distorted on platforms such as Instagram.

Nevertheless, human beings will always be attracted to pretty things by nature. However, this innovative campaign seeks to generate discussion and amplify this notion of real beauty rather than curated beauty.

The hashtag #thisisme will be adopted by different female online insta-famous users accompanied by a natural photo of them wearing a white shirt and black and white background. The ongoing commitment from these female influencers will thus have a progressive yet positive effect and in turn, promote a more sound and realistic perception of beauty and body image.