What does the term ‘Instafamous’ mean to you?

Most young girls today strive towards being #instafamous by posting photos of them with their best angle accompanied by listless tags i.e. #follow4follow #beautiful #flawless #instafamous. But does this really make you #instafamous?

Predominantly  for young teenage girls, ‘Instafamous’ usually means models, celebrities, and bloggers. Instagram has become a photo-sharing medium whereby one individual can transform into a micro-celebrities, through ongoing aspiring photos and have the potential to make millions

To become Instafamous is a full-time commitment. You become what is referred to as a ‘networked public’. We are networked publics. Anyone who engages with social media or any communicative network is considered a networked public. Social media has introduced new possibilities for interaction whether it be for social, cultural or civic purposes.

However, this interaction is not always positive. The proliferation of social media, specifically Instagram has fostered a toxic culture whereby girls think it is ‘beautiful’ to post photos of themselves half-naked.

The next photo you upload take a photo of you in your favourite setting whether it be amongst nature or by the beach and tag #thisisme. Rather than the #curated you, showcase the #realyou. Maybe that might make you #Instafamous after all!

A youtube video discussing the power of being #Instafamous for those that are interested.



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  1. Loved the article, thanks for sharing. It’s so true – more and more young girls nowadays are aspiring to become #Instafamous which is not always positive! Over at our blog, #SheIsMoreThan, we look at how the mental health of young girls can be impacted by the presence of the sexual objectification of women in the film industry. Films, TV shows, music, Instagram, Facebook… all of these media platforms are worryingly having increasing impacts upon young girls because of the themes and ideas that they present and promote. x

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  2. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your input. I think it is of paramount importance that for likeminded people like you and I, we need to work together as a collective to work towards change, generate conversation and awareness as well as moving towards a more welcoming online community whereby hierarchy and status are not a quintessential element of Instagram. #thisisme #whatisinstafame


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