What defines beautiful on Instagram?

How might one define beautiful in today’s world? H0w might one distinguish someone’s beauty online? Is it dependent on the filter one uses or the flawless skin and perfectly proportioned body one seems to have?

Cara Delevigne is seen to be a perfect ambassador for this campaign. She is passionate, independent and true to herself. The two juxtaposing photos are an example of distorted vs. real. Too often in this digital realm, we constantly compare ourselves to these individuals that illustrate a distorted version of reality, a glorified version of their life. A mindless scroll through Instagram can be a lot more damaging to your psyche than anticipated.When all we can see of each other’s lives is whatever fits within perfectly filtered squares, we’ll inevitably do the kind of harmful self-assessment that keeps us thinking that the grass really is greener on the other side — that everyone else’s lives are better than our own( Elite Daily, 2014).

Cara positively states to The Telegraph “As for beauty, real beauty is everywhere and you just need to be open to the opportunity of seeing it with your heart and soul. There are so many things that make a woman beautiful. Confidence, integrity, and talent are just some of them.”

In today’s world,  everyone is insecure about something it is just about being honest about that and having strength in that vulnerability. Do not post a perfectly edited photo in the perfectly squared frame just because someone else is doing it. Stand in your shoes and just be you. #thisisme #curatedtorealperfection


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