How many of your Instagram followers do you actually know?

It is clear that the digital is now the new traditional. With the emergence of the internet and the World Wide Web 2.0, communication and photo sharing have never been so simple. This new digital age is reshaping the future, reshaping us as people and the nature of business.

There is no doubt that  the proliferation of social media has opened up a whole world of possibilities for both communicational and business purposes. However, amongst this digital realm conflicts and problems do still occur.

Let’s talk in the context of Instagram, a free to use, photo sharing application. It seems that we have now become so immersed and almost obsessed by our presence online even more so than offline. I’d like to pose a question to any user of Instagram that may be reading this: how many of your Instagram followers do you actually know? And is it the followers that you do not know that create this potential unfriendly ambience, commenting negative and offensive comments on each of your photos?

I am a 21-year-old female, who has been frequently using Instagram for over 3 years now. It is clear to me that over those three years my usage and the reasons for my usage has changed dramatically. I have now become so obsessed with how many likes I get in a photo, who likes my photo, how I can get more followers. But how many of these followers do you know? These psychological thoughts are the same for the majority of young girls using Instagram.

In order to potentially prevent yourself suffering from bad self-esteem from randoms commenting on your photos, be wary and try not to worry about how many followers you have.

Be true to yourself and stay grounded. #thisisme #curatedtorealperfection


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