An Instagram addiction is not all doves & roses.

The life of an Instagrammer. Living this digital age, it is near to impossible to not immerse yourself in these online communicative platforms where you are able to document and share with the outside world whatever your mind desires. But what is desirable for a young female audience?

Certainly amongst the Gen-Y population, Instagram thrives. For young, aspiring teenage girls, Instagram is a showcase platform for them to present themselves to the online world as they please. But are these an accurate representation of your true self?

Analysing my own patterns of use of Instagram, I’d admittedly say I am addicted. I devote long hours every single day looking at various micro-celebrities: where they are, what they  are eating, what they wear, what they do. This is really quite depressing. However, whilst looking at these photos and undertaking this campaign I know that these micro-celebrities present a falsified illusion of reality, a glorified version of their life.

Most teenage girls in this digital native are becoming so absorbed in this unrealistic online realm and it is having an extremely detrimental effect not only on their self-esteem but on their personal lives as well.

Take Essena O’neill for example. A young, 19 year old  beautiful Australian girl with 121 thousand followers who reiterates via Instagram and other social networking platforms that ‘Social Media is not real life and it is important to true to yourself’. She emotionally exclaims to the audience ‘ I have let myself be defined by something that is so not real’. Allow Essena to be an example to you. Next time you post a photo, rather than over stylise it, just smile and tag #thisisme and then your true beauty will really shine.

If you want to watch Essena’s story and other teenage girls that have been effected by Instagram, the link is below. Do not let social media ruin your life.



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