Dominique Elissa – Beautiful on the inside and out.

Dominique was just a young girl that always referred to herself as a ‘tomboy’. She loves hanging out with friends, going to the movies and leading a very healthy, active lifestyle. At 20 years of age she has 43,100 Instagram followers that are in love with her picturesque lifestyle and drop dead gorgeous looks.

However, the most important thing to recognise about Dominique is that her Instagram fame has evolved organically through her naturally stylised photos with minimal makeup. Her presence on Instagram has become powerful and influential to girls of all ages. Instagram has provided her with a tool to market herself in a way that is positive and reflects her adoration for life. Now, as well as being #instafamous, Dominique is a full-time model for Chic management that discovered her on the free, mobile application.

I reached out to Dominique and discussed the underlying key messages of the #thisisme campaign. She then explained to me that this is exactly what she believes in and she tries to not get too caught up in competition. It is clear that in the modelling industry, competition is fierce. Dominique is one inspiring individual that tries not to take into account competition which makes her so successful today.

Dominique is a beautiful individual inside and out, who deeply believes in real beauty rather than curated beauty. Her advice to all young girls on Instagram is to ‘make sure you stay true to yourself and be happy with you what you have and not what others have’. Be inspired by this individual and post a photo today with the caption #thisisme. Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.37.44 pm.png


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