Let your inner you shine

What is your first reaction looking at an image like this?

Does it make you feel a sense of freedom?

Does it make you feel at ease or does it make you feel nervous and scared?

In todays digitally driven age, online influencers and various celebrities post un-naturalistic photos that distort reality and distort naturalism.

Take Taylor Swift as an example that I am sure the majority of you can relate to. A notoriously known celebrity that has over 91.2 million followers. She is young, beautiful and talented, ticking all the boxes to become Instafamous.

If you truly think that all the effected , airbrushed images that you see frequently online are ‘real’, ‘accurate’ and ‘natural’ that is a clear indication that you have already transitioned into hyper-realism.

Next time you view an image of your favourite micro-celebrity on Instagram, analyse the features and assess whether this is really their natural self.

Post an image today of your #naturalself and let your #innerself #shine! Tag #thisisme #naturalbeauty to inform your fellow followers of your true intention.

Also, for those of you who are massive fans of Taylor Swift, I have left a link below with a youtube video where Taylor Swift makes an impact on the wider community by comforting a bullied fan on Instagram.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI6i1HYHvbI



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