Mimi Elashiry

This is Mimi Elashiry. She is 20 years of age and has 829 thousand followers on Instagram. Her micro-celebrity status evolved organically just through posting images that were not extremely stylised, realistic and promoting a positive image for young girls.

‘I just had someone take some hippy photos and they went viral on Tumblr. I didn’t even know what blogging was, I just started posting on Instagram,’ Elashiry said (Daily Mail, 2015).

Her fresh-faced beauty is inspirational and promotes natural beauty in the right way. Too many young teenage girls today post photos of them either half-naked or 0ver edited by the various editing apps.

Editing apps such as SuperPhoto, Photo Lab, ECP Photo as well as the featured in-edit apps on Instagram allow young females to distort the ideals of beauty, creating a toxic situation.

This campaign #curatedperfectiontorealperfection aims to generate discussion and promote awareness surrounding the ideals of beauty. It is important to acknowledge that this is a problem and needs to change. Social influencers such as Mimi are the ones that are having such a grand impact on young teenage girls. Although Mimi is a fantastic example, there are other female micro-celebrities that pose a bad light on beauty and how this is perceived online today.

There is an interesting article that I have posted for anyone interested in how ‘the new beauty ideal is a completely new face according to Instagram’.

Beauty ideals are more extreme than ever, thanks to Instagram

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3063697/Mimi-Elashiry-rejected-four-agencies-laugh-moves-LA-meet-Victoria-s-Secret-Calvin-Klein.html#ixzz4K78XCcJ2
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