So, give me the stats?

In today’s digital world, everyone is constantly mobile. If you take a look around when you are next on the train or on the bus (if you catch public transport), almost 99% of people looking at their phones, and most probably you too. Instagram is an application that is also a great time waster. In a young, teenage girls world it is not a good time waster.

People spend their lives investigating and analysing what other people are doing with their lives. So you might be asking what are the statistics? Are the results as staggering as anticipated?

Instagram statistics show that 37% of users are amongst the younger demographic (18 to 29 years of age), proving to be the most frequent users. And, what is even more staggering is that 68% of these users are female? Now, are these females using it for the right reasons? Or are they simply using it to compare themselves to micro-celebrities such as Tammy Hembrow that provide a falsified illusion of beauty. Take on board these statistics and make sure that you are using these innovative, communicative platforms for the right reasons.

Upload a photo today with no effects, just your natural self. Make sure to hashtag #thisisme #curatedtorealperfection #naturalbeauty

Below is an info graph of Social Media’s Active Monthly Users in 2016 globally.


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